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Sinar Terang Electric
Sinar Terang Electric
Please Contact : Tommy-08.9999.222.44 / 0815.160.6771 / 08.5939.76.3399, E-mail: sales@, PIN BBM : 570985C9, Whatsapp, We Chat, Line : 08.9999.222.44

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SINAR TERANG ELECTRIC specialize in lighting and lighting componen like driver ( ballast) , power supply, ignitor, capacitor & starter. many aplication already we supply : Streetlight, Manufacturing, Hotel, Office Building, Airport, Seaport, Residential, Apartment, Highrest building etc. Together with it, we are not just selling lamp but we also selling electric tools, cable, home appliances, consumer luminares, decorative light etc. Our speciality focus on lamp. We can provide lamp for office building, road ligting, flood lighting, industrial lighting, residential, high rest etc. We give you " free delivery " for South Jakarta & South Tangerang. If you want product consultating or need support lighting design, you can trust and rely on to us. If you need support for calculation about payback periode, energy saving, initial cost & energy saving audit, we can provide them.

“ Your Partner to Total Lighting & Electrial Equipment Solution”

Company Contact :
Name: Mr Tommy Saad / Mr Anton ( Sales Marketing Support)
E-mail: sales@ / sinarterangelectric@
Website :

Whatsapp, Wechat, Line : + 628.9999.222.44
PIN BBM : 570985C9
Telp. : + 628.9999.222.44 / + 62815.160.6771 / + 628.5939.76.3399 / + 6221-99144684
Fax : + 6221 – 7419460

Out Motto " Your satisfaction Is Our Priority "

What We Can Do For You… .
- Lighting Product Consultancy ( Energy Saving Product, LED Lighting, Emergency Lighting & Decorative Lighting)
- Energy Saving Audit ( Existing Lighting vs New LED Lighting, Return on Investment ( ROI) , Electricity Cost & Reduce Cost, Total Cost of Ownership ( TCOO)
- Installation, Project Management & Supervision
- Testing & Commissioning
- Lighting Design
- Competitive Price
- Product Warranty
- Product Trial ( Mock Up)
- Technical Support
- Complete Range Product

Maintenance and After-Sales Service " We provide maintenance contract for lamps and gears replacement and inform customers about the warranty period of all light fixtures, lamps and gears that we supply "

Technical Consultation " We also provide technical consultation to help customers find products that suit their needs. We recommend the proper light fixtures and lamps to deliver efficient, energy-saving solutions "

Our commitment is to deliver new lighting technologies, as well as innovative and locally relevant consumers products that make a real difference to our customers, consumers and stakeholders across the globe. We believe that the best way for us to do this, is through deep understanding of people’ s needs and desires.


Light has a profound effect on how we feel and plays a vital role increating a healthy workplace. Daylight controls our natural biorhythms, influences our mood and creates a sense of wellbeing. But daylight alone is not sufficient in most work environments, artificial light is also needed to produce the right light levels.

Inadequate lighting affects employees’ wellbeing and can also result in eye strain, fatigue and poor performance, particularly in roles involving problem solving and concentration. Effective lighting tackles all of these issues.
In addition to helping create a sense of personal wellbeing amongst staff, our lighting solutions can also help them stay connected with the world outside the walls of their office, manufacturing or distribution centre – boosting vitality and improving performance.

Upgrade to LED, make a visible difference
Good lighting is about quality and comfort – the lighting should be bright enough for staff to be able to perform visual tasks, but not so bright that it causes glare and discomfort. In addition to this, it’ s now clear that light has a biological effect and there are valuable emotional benefits gained by adjusting light in work environments.

Work smarter, save energy
Not just for industrial units that may be open 24 hours a day, but also for offices operating core working hours, the potential to waste energy is very real. Energy bills and carbon footprint can be dramatically reduced by adopting programmable lighting that dims automatically in response to bright daylight and switches off when no-one is present at the beginning and end of the day.

The use of presence detection with LED solutions is a way to reduce energy bills still further. Energy efficient lighting and management systems can help towards businesses meeting
legislation, achieving a good BREEAM or LEED rating for their building and meeting sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and the associated costs of carbon.


Better light quality means increased comfort. When people feel better they work better, which means increased productivity, so everyone’ s happy. And when you have no room for error, you’ ll appreciate the health and safety benefits of lighting solutions that provide uniform light, no dark patches and good colour rendering. Employees and customers will feel
better too, boosting productivity or smooth flow through your space.

Our personal, consultancy approach
We know we can help you achieve your business goals through effective lighting. We also know that everyone’ s lighting requirements are unique, so we will always make sure we fully
understand your needs before we recommend a solution. Our consultancy approach ensures that we only ever specify what works best for you. We’ re aware that adopting today’ s innovative, networked solutions can seem somewhat
challenging. Philips Lighting supports you in this process by removing all complexity. We can implement comprehensive lighting solutions for you, delivering not only state-of-the-art products, but also installation, project management and maintenance services. When partnering with Philips
Lighting, you’ re assured of acquiring high-quality, high-impact lighting solutions that lead to truly enhanced environments with a minimum of hassle and risk.

Solutions overview
Lighting solutions can add value in many different ways throughout your building. Over the following pages you will find examples for eight typical industry areas. The product examples
shown are only a small selection of what is available. We aim to work with our customers as a lighting partner, to help create customised solutions that meet the needs of their individual
application environments.

“ Your Partner to Total Lighting Solution & Green Lighting”

Company Correspondence :

Name: Tn. Tommy / Tn Anton ( Marketing)
E-mail: sales@ / sinarterangelectric@
Website :
Whatsapp, Wechat, Line : 08.9999.222.44
PIN BBM : 570985C9
Telp. : 08.9999.222.44 / 0815.160.6771 / 08.5939.76.3399 / 021-99144684
Fax : 021 – 7419460
Address : Ruko Serua Indah Residence, Jln. Serua Raya no.9 Reni Jaya - Bojongsari - Depok 16517, Indonesia
Depok 16517, Jawa Barat Indonesia

Note : For Product consultancy, price and stock, please call to HP : 08.9999.222.44 / 0815.160.6771 / 08.5939.76.3399 / 021-99144684

The last but not least :

Your Satisfaction is Our Destiny " , " Total Lighting Solution is Our Way " , " Energy Efficiency is not Energy Conservation " , " Energy Efficiency is " using less energy to provide the same service " , ” Energy Efficiency is An Opportunity To Save Money”

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